What's most important to me is that after spending time with me, that I leave that person empowered to live a life that fills them with vibrant health.

My clients are a gift to me and I will do everything in my power to support them in attaining their life and health goals.  Thank you for allowing me to walk with you during your journey and for giving me purposeful work.

Larry and I have been blessed with the change in our lives. We talked with Beth and she gave us the tools to put us on a healthy life style. We are thrilled with our progress that we have made. Larry has lost 20 pounds and I have lost 30 lbs. We are still working at it and thankful for all the tools that Beth gave to us. Thank you Beth, you're a blessing.


Joanie and Larry Wiken

I started working with Beth in January 2011 as my goal for 2011 was to take care of myself which meant losing some weight. After meeting with Beth for the 1st time, I knew she would be able to help me attain my goal of losing at least 30 lbs. She gave me a lot of information and recipes on how to eat right. I also started taking Symmetry products which included Genesis, Ultra Vitality and Diet Magic daily. I met with Beth numerous times and each time learned more about eating healthy. I have never felt better in my life. I have lost 38 lbs. and know that Beth was very instrumental in my weight loss. Beth has changed my life and has become a good friend. I would recommend anyone to her that wants to lose weight and learn better food choices. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Donna Goulet


I participated in one of Beth's Sugar Cleanse. It was a great experience. Do not get scared off by the word cleanse. The program was full of great food and great opportunities to learn how to eat differently than you currently do now. I have incorporated many of the recipes and food suggestions into my regular diet and still eat them many months post cleanse. The mini-quiches and power smoothies are the best.

Amanda Bloomgren


I always thought I did a good job watching what I ate. Meeting Beth and learning from her was such an eye-opener! Because of her explanations, things my doctor had said, now made sense. I learned so much about REAL healthy eating and how to do it. Thanks, Beth!

Judy Thompson

Seven years ago I began my college career right after having complications with getting my wisdom teeth removed, which resulted in an overload of antibiotics.  Ever since then, I've had complications with my digestive system, and I never knew who to turn to.  Through my own and my parents' internet research and trial and error, I discovered that I was allergic to lactose.  However, I still had pains and irregularities when avoiding lactose, so I turned to Beth, who is my dad's nutritionist.  I started seeing results not even one week after our first conversation and now I feel better than I ever have before!

Carolina DePaulis


I feel much healthier with my nutrition under Beth’s advise.  I do not always do what she says, but even with me going a different direction at times, I am significantly healthier and more aware of what I eat and how I exercise than I have ever been.  Thank you Beth, for all of your support!

Robyn Hunter

I started the 7 Day sugar Cleanse on the advice of my sister-in-law. Like me, She had had breast cancer, and afterward, she turned to a life a healthy eating. I did not; I am a sugar addict, and a former bulimic. I have a love-hate relationship with food. I knew I was an emotional eater, and sweets always made me feel "better." So I thought. In March 2012, I had a hip replacement due to arthritis. In May, I had my other hip replaced. I am only 48, and I had been told that I had fibromyalgia, which explained my everyday aches and pains. I had been taking opiate pain medication for years. After I was able to drive, I always made sure I had my sugary comfort foods in the house. Recently, I sought treatment for overeating. I looked at Beth's website, and decided to participate in the 7 Day Sugar Cleanse.  On Monday, the first day of the cleanse, I moped about, not wanting to cook. I like convenience, and I didn't want to make a relationship with food again. I didn't feel good enough to take care of myself. I picked the easiest recipes,(quiche, or souffle' as I call it and crock pot chicken) and made a kale smoothie. I was surprised that it was so tasty! I made quinoa, and hummus. On Tuesday, I woke up early, and felt pretty good.  By Wednesday, I felt Really, really good. No creaking, achy joints. I hadn't taken any pain meds since preparing for the cleanse. And I still haven't.  I lost 7 pounds, and use the diet the way that fits my lifestyle. I have sweet potato wedges in the oven now, and I always have vegetables and almonds around for snacking. Cake appeared in my house last night, and I wanted to test my new-found thought process. I now know sugar is a toxin. I ate a huge piece of cake, and the binge didn't stop til I literally passed out. I even ate years-old mints from a cup on my dresser. Today, I woke up, forgave myself, made a kale smoothie, and feel like I have control again. Thank you Beth, for the knowledge and power you have helped me to achieve.

Elaine Rodemacher