Young woman with a grocery shopping bag. Isolated on white backgFebruary 4th, 2016 – Grocery Store Tour

Location:  Whole Foods Market,  Plymouth Road Minnetonka, MN 

Time:  6:15pm

Cost:  $37 per person

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February 12th, 2016
Presentation: The Easy Way to Lick the Sugar Habit!

  • Location: Pilates MN 864 East Lake St. Wayzata, MN 55391
  • Time: 2:00pm
  • Cost: FREE
  • RSVP: By emailing

A woman can not get enough of the jelly beans. she is pouring them into her mouth

Do you have mood swings?

Are you constantly craving sweets?

Do you have low energy throughout the day?

Do you want to lose weight without deprivation?

With this presentation Beth will develop awareness and education on what sugar is, what it does to our bodies and how we can gain control over the cravings, low energy and weight gain that sugar and processed foods create.

You’ll leave knowing what food to replace it with and feel empowered to gain control over food and sugar for a lifetime.

The skills and knowledge from this presentation will be tips you can implement immediately and start seeing results quickly.


  • Dear Beth,

    I admire your work and would like to interview you for my Strategies for Real Health Summit.

    I am organizing a tele-summit, asking experts to share their very best, most impactful health strategies. My own passion is helping people define what really being healthy means to them and then connecting them with the resources and tools they need to meet their goals.

    Your focus on nutritional solutions for “medical” problems make you a perfect fit.

    Do you do interviews? If yes, then can we connect to discuss the details?

    Warm regards,

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