What Is Nutrition Response Testing? 

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive way of analyzing the body to establish any interference that may be blocking or causing ill or non-optimal health.  It's a way of looking at how each organ, gland or tissue that may or may not be functioning at optimal levels.  

The 13 step simple procedure provides all the necessary feedback through the body's neurological reflexes or acupuncture points.  Once the analysis is complete we help you to determine the exact nutrients you need to supplement your diets, in order to bring balance and harmony to your body once again.   

The reflexes are tested by applying pressure to your outstretched arm (muscle testing) and the practitioner's other hand being placed on your different reflex areas.  If any area is in need of nutritional support the reflexes in your arm will limit your ability to keep your arm in the upward position, thus showing the practitioner what area needs nutritional support.  

Also, during the testing process the practitioner will be able to identify certain stressors that may be causing interference toward optimal health.  Stressor such as food sensitivities, chemicals, scars, metals or immune challenges are the things that show up.  These results are then analyzed to determine the proper nutritional protocol with a proven and clinically accurate system.

What Should I Expect From the Program?


Initial Appointment (1 hour)

Health History, Bio Age Monitor, NRT Testing

Please bring your food log for at least 3-7 days prior to your scheduled appointment.  This appointment will determine if you are a good candidate for Nutrition Response Testing.    If you are NOT a "Nutrition Response Testing Case" than it is unlikely that Nutrition Response Testing will ever help you.  However, if you are a Nutrition Response Testing Case, then in our experience, it is our belief that nothing else will help you as much.

2nd Appointment - Report of Findings (45-60 minutes)

Report of Findings, Body Scan, Action Care Plan, Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.11.14 PM

We will go over your report of findings from your initial appointment and if deemed that you are a good candidate for Nutrition Response Testing we will go over an action plan that is specific to and your needs.

Action Care Plan (30-45 minutes)

Body Scan, Fine Tuning of your personal protocol, Nutrition Consultation & Lifestyle Modifications.

We will continue to monitor and to address any other layers of need that your body presents to us, therefore adjusting your program as needed.  This allows for any underlying health concerns to be handled. Follow up appointments will be necessary in order to keep the body moving in the right direction.  Generally, although every case is different, we often hear enthusiastic reports from patients in as little as 4-6 weeks.  The fastest recoveries are from those who most closely follow their recommended nutritional program.

Who Is Nutrition Response Testing For?

Women, men and children who want a more natural and holistic way of looking at their health.  They want to:

  • detect food sensitivities
  • clear skin or acne, eczema and other skin issues
  • improve gas, bloating and fullness
  • have regular bowel movements
  • improve energy
  • have great sleep
  • attain better focus and clarity
  • relieve ADHD symptoms
  • get relief from indigestion
  • eliminate headaches
  • eliminate pain
  • improve athletic performance
  • support with meal planning
  • and so much more

Why Did I Choose This Way Of Nutrition Testing?

  • It is the most non-invasive way to test food sensitivities and possible other stressors on the body

  • It is been clinically used with accuracy for years

  • It's very cost effective and simple to understand what the body is in need of.

  • Healing protocols are with whole real foods, effective lifestyle changes and whole foods supplements.

  • This method is specifically prepared for what each client needs or doesn't need.

Success Stories

I started working with Beth and it was my goal to take care of myself which meant losing some weight. After meeting with Beth for the 1st time, I knew she would be able to help me attain my goal of losing at least 30 lbs. She gave me alot of information and recipes on how to eat right. I also started taking some specific supplements. I met with Beth numerous times and each time learned more about eating healthy. I have never felt better in my life. I have lost 38 lbs. and know that Beth was very instrumental in my weight loss.  Beth has changed my life and has become a good friend. I would recommend anyone to her that wants to lose weight and learn better food choices. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Donna Goulet

I could not be more grateful for the services that Beth provides. My body was not functioning as it should.  I was going through a very difficult time (divorce, miscarriage and career changes).  Originally I was skeptical, however I got a good referral for her services and now only five weeks later, I'm feeling so much better.  I have energy through the roof and was able to make it through a cold in as little as seven days when normally it would take me months to recover. The whole food supplements and homeopathic's she tested specific for my body has allowed my body to begin to work better and make me desire healthier food options for my meals and is giving me the energy to return back to the gym. I could not be more grateful.

Natalia Hemingway

When I came to work with Beth I was having foot and toe cramps.  I had already been a clean eater for 3 years when I started seeing Beth.  So, a lot of my eating habits were very good.  I just needed a little extra help interpreting what my body was trying to tell me.What we found my issue to be was sugar.  Part of my clean eating habits was to use Truvia as a sweetener because I have a massive sweet tooth.   When we looked through what I was eating, my cramps were a result of consuming sugar and sugar substitutes.   The cramps would wake me up in the middle of the night.  I had to be disciplined to log my food – every Hershey’s Kiss, every piece of gum.  I had to be dedicated to the time it takes to log food, interpret results and be honest about what I was putting in my body.   I was motivated to avoid sweets to determine if it truly was sugar that was causing my cramps. Through my food diary, honesty in my logging and Beth’s interpretation, we finally figured it out.  If you are truly serious about changing your health, remember it doesn’t happen overnight, but working with a professional like Beth can speed up the process.

Kelly Nelson

After connecting with Beth, I started making some different and better decisions for my health.   I was a diet coke and sugar junky.  Learning from Beth about the harmful ingredients in diet coke and what sugar does to the body in general, I decided to start living a healthier lifestyle. It took me a few weeks to start making changes into my life.   I also have to admit that in the past I have always thought eating healthy would be too expensive and take too much time planning meals.  I have quickly learned that it costs just about the same and planning meals is easier. Eating the food that god has given us, has stuck with me and I think will stick with me forever.  Almost 2 months now and I am still diet coke free.   I have been using your recommendations of supplements which are both amazing.  I have gained so much energy with no caffeine involved!   Oh and I am down 9 pounds!!!
You have inspired me to live a healthier life for myself and family.  No words can thank you enough for that!  You have been a blessing in my life and many others.  It is apparent that you are truly passionate about what you do!  We need more people like you in this world! 

Andrea Smith

After many years of yo-yo dieting, I decided last spring to lose weight once and for all, in a personal, healthy way.  A friend of mine referred me to Beth and I am so happy she did!  I had tried several diets, including Weight Watchers and Ideal Protein, but always ended up gaining the weight back.  I have been interested in gut-balanced, whole body nutrition for awhile and found Beth to be highly experienced and motivating.  Meeting one on one was important to me- being accountable to someone else, as well as myself, was crucial for short and long term success.  We worked together to help me shed over 20 lbs in just under 4 months, with my Nutrition Response Testing program. I have become a better cook, grocery shopper, and organizer of my life in general these past few months.  Changing my habits wasn't easy, but I am so glad I did.  I highly recommend Beth for getting yourself healthy and being the best person you can be in lots of areas of your life.  Don't wait- start now!

Lisa Lozito

I have worked very hard for 10yrs at improving my health and literally played the wackamole game with my body. Western medicine (pharmaceuticals), processed foods, metals, etc were inhibiting my body. I was dealing with a lot of head discomfort, digestive issues, sleep and energy problems, and blood pressure issues.

I felt like I had done everything I could. I have a Masters in Exercise Science and Kinesiology, I've studied integrative nutrition and seen every doctor you could possibly imagine! That's when I met Beth. 

I started seeing Beth Schupanitz and went all in on her plan for me. No excuses, I wanted results!  6 months later I am in the best health of my life and finally seeing results. 

This is a lifestyle I can stick to and be happy with!  This woman can change your life if you just follow her guidance. Thank you beth for giving me my life back!! ❤️ 

Tashana Bennett

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