Healthy Snack Ideas

Finding healthy foods to elevate your energy level is a challenge. Many foods considered to be energizing are high in sugar and unhealthy fats and only provide a temporary energy boost with no substantial nutritive benefits. But several food options provide you with stable, long-term energy in addition to essential nutrients.

If you are looking for a healthy dose of energy that does not involve downing another cup of coffee or eating a sugary afternoon snack, consider some of these foods as energizing snacks.   On top of being nutrient-rich and part of a healthy diet, they will pick you up and help maintain energy levels — no crashing required.

Snack With a Purpose

If you are a between-meals eater, look at your eating pattern, is it a snack with empty calories that just pack on the pounds without giving any nutrient value?  Is your snack so high calorie that it’s actually a 4th meal for the day?

When you snack you want to have a balanced snack that will balance out your blood sugar levels and give you sustained energy throughout the day.  A balance snack has a clean protein, a healthy fat and a colorful carb, such as vegetables. 

When you eat your meals and any snacks in balance, you will have better energy, less mood swings, hungry less often, better concentration and you will sleep better.

Check out these snack ideas below.  Enjoy.



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