Healthy Halloween Tips!

Is it possible to have a healthy Halloween?  I believe it can be true with a little education and planning.  As a child I know I loved par taking in all the festivities of Halloween.  I also would totally gorged myself with candy and felt yucky only to do it all over again the following day.  I was totally addicted to candy and sugar when I was a kid.  I am now a prior sugar addict.

I don’t want to be the Halloween Scrooge in an effort to minimize the impact of Halloween with my kids. However, as a parent who wants their children to have healthy teeth and bodies I may be in danger of being called a Halloween Scrooge.  Here are a few ideas that may support a healthier Halloween:

  • Feed your kids a large healthy meal before the Halloween festivities.  Have a healthy fat, clean protein and colorful carbs in their tummies.  With a full tummy it’s harder to over do the candy.
  • Allow a few pieces on the night of Halloween and throw away the rest.  No need to keep refined oils, dyes and sugar in the house.  I don’t even like giving it away.  I don’t want to contribute to someone else’s ill health.
  • Be clear with your kids about the limits, and emphasize that you are striving to only eat foods that love you back.  My family and I call that loving upgrades from our favorite junk foods.
  • Forbidding the candy completely may lead to having your kids to over indulge, or sneak around and seek out more of the sweet stuff.  Create a conversation around why we want to eat healthier choices and get them to buy into the concept of healthy eating will give them the freedom to make their own choices.
  • Hand out non-candy items, like pencils, stickers, old kids books, glow sticks, etc.
  • Make some of your own sweet treats that are made from real whole foods.  My favorites are York Peppermint Patties or Peanut Butter Cups

There are so many more ideas that we could discuss here, just understand that daily preventative habits and choices are most important.  An occasional slip-up or indulgence is not the end of the world, just make it up with the very next snack or meal and know that consistent loving upgrades will be the best choice in the long run.

Share with us how you create a healthy Halloween.  I’d love to hear from you.

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